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What is the cost of a memorial diamond?

Posted by Scott Fong on May 21, 2018 2:55:17 PM
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Pricing varies by Size and Cut.

This post will discuss the costs of making an Algordanza memorial diamond.


Natural diamonds are formed by high temperature and pressures on carbon in areas deep underground. An Algordanza memorial diamond is formed by the carbon extracted from cremation ashes and subjected to laboratory controlled high temperature and pressure environments.


Carbon, Graphite Diamond

Pictured from left to right: Cut Diamond, Graphite, Carbon. Read more about the production process by clicking here.


The cost of making an Algordanza memorial diamond is dependent on the size (in carats) and cut (shape) selected. The larger the diamond, the longer the process of growth is required. 


Cell in Machine

Diamond growth cell before loading into the HPHT press. 


When a diamond has completed the growth stage, a RAW diamond is yielded. Some Algordanza clients prefer to keep their diamond in this format. Setting this RAW diamond in jewellery is still possible. The pricing for a RAW diamond is comparably less expensive than a CUT diamond. The starting price for an Algordanza RAW diamond is $26,990 HKD. 


Click for RAW diamond pricing.


Opening Cell

 Diamond growth cell opened up to reveal the Raw Diamond.


The resulting synthetic diamond is as hard and brilliant as a natural gemstone, and is backed with a diamond guarantee certificate. Algordanza is proud to proclaim that NO additives are combined in the process - the diamond is made PURELY from the carbon and contents of the ashes. 


three tones of diamond

From left to right: very slight blue/clear, mid-tone blue, dark tone blue.


The blue tone is a natural occurrence, dependent on the amount of trace element Boron within the ashes. The more parts per million of this element, the darker the blue tone.  Every Algordanza memorial diamond is unique, just like you.


Clients may wish to choose to have their memorial diamond cut to a shape of their preference. The price includes the additional cost for growing a larger RAW diamond and then cutting to the selected shape. The starting price for an Algordanza cut diamond is $34,990 HKD. 


Click for CUT diamond pricing.

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find out why people are choosing the diamond burial

it's beautiful, unique.


Above all, the diamond burial is meaningful. It is formed by the same carbon as your loved one. There is nothing else like it.


The Algordanza memorial diamond is:

  • Forever.
  • Is yours to keep.
  • Affordable.

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