How cremation ashes are transformed into beautiful memorial diamonds.

Growth-machinesHPHT ALGORDANZA Diamond Growth Machines

The Memorial Diamond Making Process

Diamonds in the natural environment are generated under high-pressure high-temperature conditions, where traces of carbon exist. It is generally thought that this process takes many years in places such as volcanos, and where massive amounts of land are in turbulence. The high value and scarcity of its beauty is known to us all. It became possible to manufacture synthetic diamonds about 50 years ago, and was achieved the first time in America by General Electric (GE). Synthetic diamonds however, are difficult to produce and at times are used for jewellery.  Synthetic diamonds are more frequently associated with industrial use. Synthetic industrial diamonds are produced from a relatively pure natural graphite containing carbon and the real challenge for producing an Algordanza memorial diamond - a diamond made purely from the carbon contents of cremated ashes - are that cremation ashes contain many diamond making impurities such as bone and metals. To produce an Algordanza memorial diamond that is jewellery grade, without any additives, an advanced technology is needed. With its own proprietary carbon extraction technology, Algordanza has succeeded in extracting high-purity carbon from cremation ashes. In addition, Algordanza has made transparent its process to emphasize due diligence in its operations and procedures so that clients may have total confidence in our service. For more information about our process, keep reading to understand more.


Algordanza - from Cremation Ashes to a Memorial Diamond.

Ashes Reception

The ashes are carefully transported in two separate parcels. 

The pre-registered control number is applied. This makes mixups impossible.
The details of the deceased and applicant are entered into the Algordanza database.


Analysis & Tests

A weight and/or composition analysis is conducted.

A gas analyzer checks the levels of carbon and other elements in the cremation ashes without physical tampering. Generally, there is enough carbon in cremation ashes if an amount of 500g can be supplied to make many carats of diamond. 


Cremation Ash Composition Test

Carbon Extraction

Algordanza's International patent-pending technology

Our proprietary technique based on years of R&D allows carbon content to be extracted to a level of 90% purity, via a wet chemical and physical process to extract the carbon from the cremation ashes.

FiltrationCarbon Extraction - Filtration


Conversion to Graphite

The stepping stone to diamond.

  • Complete combustion of unneeded inorganic material.
  • The carbon is converted to graphite via thermal treatment and gases are expelled.
  • Structure of carbon is changed to form graphite.


Diamond - Graphite - Carbon

Diamond Crystallization

Time is of the essence. The size of diamond is determined by time.

  • The graphite is loaded onto a growth cell.
  • High-Temperature High-Pressure synthesis is applied.
  • A rough diamond is yielded.

Algordanza-growing-cellAlgordanza Growing Cell

Rough Diamond in Cell-1Raw Diamond Yield

Cut and Polish

Simply, your choice.

The rough memorial diamonds are then cut by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen to your selected shape.


Different-cuts-of-diamondThe different cuts of memorial diamond available.


Inspection Certification

Our Authenticity is Guaranteed.

  • The memorial diamond is inspected and the size is recorded.
  • The Algordanza certificate guarantees that the memorial diamond was formed solely from the contents of the cremation ashes supplied to us.
  • For Hong Kong and China clients, the memorial diamond is delivered to a recognized lab such as GEMLAB or I.G.I for diamond certification (upon request - additional charges may apply).

    *Important notice - due to a severe drop in service standards from G.I.A (Hong Kong), Algordanza will no longer send diamonds to this lab for certification. Lead times have stretched to 60-70 calendar days, with a refusal to admit wrong doing when clearly at fault for numerous, repeated clerical mistakes. Clients who wish to obtain certification from this lab are urged to submit to this lab at their own risk.

Laser Inscription & Jewellery

A personal touch.

  • If selected, an inscription is added to the memorial diamond girdle and mounted on a setting of your choice.
  • A personal inscription may be engraved. The laser inscription is only visible with a microscope. Depending on the size of the diamond, between 25 and 50 characters are possible.
  • The resulting memorial diamond is then ready to be mounted to a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Algordanza-laser-inscriptionLaser Inscription


Algordanza-Pendant-RingAlgordanza Pendant and Ring Combination


Site Visits

We welcome your visit.

Our manufacturing facility is open to the public for viewing. We have great confidence in our process and services provided. If you get the chance, we recommend you to take a tour of our Swiss headquarters and see the ashes to diamond making process for yourself.

Office Visit Tour

  • Advance booking required.
  • You can visit the production facilities at any time during normal working days and hours.
  • It is possible to view the carbon extraction of your order, but careful timing is required. Please contact our staff to arrange it.
  • Crystallization facility tours are available. Though at the moment due to large demand, we cannot guarantee you will see your order in process.
  • If you are unable to speak English or German, you may need to arrange your own interpreter.

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