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A memorial diamond is a diamond created from the carbon extracted from cremated ashes, hair or a combination of ashes and hair.

Algordanza Memorial Diamond
Algordanza Memorial Diamond in Ring

Made in Switzerland

We’re the no.1 certified producer of memorial diamonds

Algordanza's reputation is built on more than twenty years of trust and transparency, fundamental elements for such a delicate service. The creation of memorial diamonds offers a personal and practical alternative to traditional funerals, providing a tangible and lasting memory.

Avg. time to completion
4 to 9 months
Ashes needed
500 g
Prices start from
HKD 26,330
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Algordanza is the only laboratory in Switzerland that invites and allows clients to visit its facility, promoting a direct and trusting relationship. The company guarantees respectful handling of the deceased's ashes or hair, with a creation process that simulates the natural conditions of diamond growth.

The diamond process

Algordanza Memorial Diamond Making Process
Step 1
Contact our sales

Contact us and we will offer a free 40-minute consultation to explain the process and show you samples of our work.

Provide ashes-1
Step 2
Provide ashes

You can either meet us at your funeral agent’s office or directly bring 500g of ashes to our office after proper preparation.

Algordanza Memorial Diamond Making Process
Step 3
Confirm order

Submit the order form and all required documents, and pay the initial 50% deposit. You will also need to confirm the details for the diamond.

Step 4
Diamond Production

The ashes will be sent to our Swiss lab, and our experts will get to work in creating your unique diamond. The production will take around 4 to 9 months.

Free Consultation

The definitive guide to memorial diamonds

Start the grief journey with us

We provide everything you need to know about Algordanza memorial diamonds so that you can make the best possible decision for you and your family to determine if this method of burial is right for you.

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Cut diamond prices start at HKD38,250

Create your unique diamond

  • Algordanza Design Element Diamond Carat Carat
  • Algordanza Design Element Diamond Cut Cut
  • Algordanza Design Element Diamond Clarity Clarity
  • Diamond Colour Diamond Colour Colour
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond 0.3 ct
    0.3 ct
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond 0.4 ct
    0.4 ct
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond 0.5 ct
    0.5 ct
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond 0.6 ct
    0.6 ct
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond 0.7 ct
    0.7 ct
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond 0.8 ct
    0.8 ct
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond 0.9 ct
    0.9 ct
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond 1.0 ct
    1.0 ct

Algordanza offers a variety of diamond carat sizes: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 ct.

  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond Brillant Cut
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond Emerald Cut
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond Asscher Cut
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond Princess Cut
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond Radiant Cut
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond Heart Cut
  • Algordanza Memorial Diamond Raw Cut

Personalize your memorial diamond with our wide range of diamond cuts.

Algordanza Memorial Diamond

We start the diamond making process when the purity of carbon reaches 93%. The other substances that may affect the clarity of the diamond.

*note: 80% of Algordanza memorial diamonds are VS1 or above.

Algordanza Memorial Diamond

The natural colour ranges from light blue to intense blue and is influenced by the composition of the ashes.

Ashes to diamonds technology

Providing quality
diamonds for you

To produce an Algordanza memorial diamond that is jewellery grade, without any additives, an advanced technology is needed. With its own proprietary carbon extraction technology, Algordanza has succeeded in extracting high-purity carbon from cremation ashes.

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Algordanza Memorial Diamond Swiss Lab

A word about grief memorial diamonds

Hear what our clients say

"Especially now that COVID-19 is difficult to leave the country. If you have Ashes carbon diamonds by your side, no matter where you are in any country, you can worship your loved ones at any time and in any country."

Christine Koo

“We have placed the diamond in our living room, so basically memories with my dad have always been with us since then and somehow is a way to comfort our mind and definitely helps us to move on, but still with all great memories to accompany.“this memorial diamond is definitely something much appreciated”. 

Mandy Chung

“I’m used to travelling with my memorial diamond in the past few years.  A great companion to me and feels like l’m not alone.  ”

Carina Ho

Frequently asked questions

Is an Algordanza diamond a genuine diamond?

Yes – the Algordanza Memorial Diamond shows the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a dug diamond. We would not be allowed to use the expression “diamond” if we could not prove that the diamond is genuine.

Why do the diamonds have different colors?

The colour is white, but may have – depending on the individual quantity of the element Boron in the carbon – a blue tint. We do not manipulate the colour of the diamond in any way.

How long does it take to create a diamond?

The average production period is approximately 4-9 months, however, it is influenced by the size of the diamond being ordered and also the number of orders being processed at the time in Switzerland.

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