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Take On A Private Tour of Our Showroom

We will arrange for a consultant to explain the production process and display samples of various diamonds, as well as answer your questions about memorial diamonds.

All processes will take place in a private space with a high degree of privacy.


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The Booking Process

Step 1
Contact our sales

Contact us and schedule a visit to our showroom.  We will offer a free 40-minute consultation to explain the process, show you samples of our work, and answer all of your concerns.

Step 2
Confirm order

Submit the order form and all required documents, and pay the initial 50% deposit. You will also need to confirm the details for the diamond, such as the quantity, size, carat and cut.

Step 3
Provide ashes

You can either meet us at your funeral agent’s office or directly bring 500g of ashes to our office after proper preparation. Our staff can also collect the ashes in person at the funeral agent’s office. Before extracting the 500g of ashes, a simple ceremony will be performed to show our respectiveness. Afterward, we will hand over the remaining ashes.

Step 4
4dfbb81fe6db709e8d8a5c8ed6da39a3-1 Diamond production

The ashes will be sent to our Swiss lab, and our experts will get to work on creating your one-of-a-kind memorial diamond. The production will take around 4 to 9 months.

Step 5
Diamond delivery

The completed diamond will be delivered back to Hong Kong with its diamond guarantee certificate. The final payment will be made at this time.

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