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Carry on a remarkable

A memorial diamond is a diamond created from the carbon extracted from cremated ashes, hair or a combination of ashes and hair. It’s a unique way to immortalize the memory of a loved one that’s passed and establish a family heirloom to be treasured for generations.

Algordanza Memorial Diamond for human
Loved one

A diamond from the ashes of your loved one is the ultimate and everlasting memorial.

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Algordanza Memorial Diamond for pet

A pet cremation diamond can be made from the fur of your dear buddy.

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About Algordanza

Made in Switzerland

Established in 2004, Algordanza has steadily become a global enterprise. You can now turn a loved one’s ashes to a diamond, right here in Hong Kong. The name Algordanze originates from the Rhaeto-Romanic language and means ‘remembrance’. It is a fitting title for a company that is dedicated to preserving your most special memories in a unique way.

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Keep your loved one close by


Every memorial diamond represents the story of a remarkable connection. We turn the ashes to a diamond for remembering your loved one.

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Algordanza Memorial Diamond

Diamond prices start at HKD32,990+

The diamond process

Algordanza Design Element
Step 1
Algordanza Design Element Contact our sales

Contact us and we will offer a free 40-minute consulation to explain the process and show you samples of our work.

Algordanza Design Element
Step 2
Algordanza Design Element Provide ashes

You can either meet us at your funeral agent’s office or directly bring 500g of ashes to our office after proper preparation.

Algordanza Design Element
Step 3
Algordanza Design Element Confirm order

Submit the order form and all required documents, and pay the initial 50% deposit. You will also need to confirm the details for the diamond.

Algordanza Design Element
Step 4
Algordanza Design Element Diamond Production

The ashes will be sent to our Swiss lab, and our experts will get to work in creating your unique diamond . The production will take around 4 to 9 months .

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A word about grief memorial diamonds

Hear what our clients say

"Especially now that COVID-19 is difficult to leave the country. If you have Ashes carbon diamonds by your side, no matter where you are in any country, you can worship your loved ones at any time and in any country."

Christine Koo

"It feels like I’m losing part of my soul when Max left me. I spent my last 10 years being him and he is my best friend, my son, my partner... Thank you for the amazing service and the stunning memorial diamond. After I received the memorial diamond, I Inlaid “him” into a necklace. I couldn’t be any happier while wearing him to walk around the places he loved."

Christine Koo

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We’re the no.1 certified producer of memorial diamonds

Worldwide we are the only certified producer of Memorial Diamonds. We are committed to caution and transparency.

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