The Definitive Guide to Memorial Diamonds

A modern way of burial that is beautiful and everlasting.

In modern times, there are more choices for burials are available than most people realise. However, one particular method of burial stands out for its simplicity, beauty and meaningfulness - Memorial Diamonds.  It's an immensely personal choice and a diamond burial is a method chosen by many around the world including families from, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and more recently China. This guide will provide everything you need to know about Algordanza memorial diamonds so that you can make the best possible decision for you and your family to determine if this method of burial is right for you. 



What exactly is a Memorial Diamond?

It's a new form of burial that transcends the traditional practise of storing human remains in the ground or kept in a storage facility far away from our lives. Physically, a memorial diamond is simply a diamond constructed of the carbon atoms of your loved one. Carbon is a primary component of all known life on Earth, representing approximately 45–50% of all dry biomass. Carbon compounds occur naturally in great abundance on Earth and in humans.  Carbon is present in human ashes and Algordanza has developed a proprietary methodology to extract it, and transform the carbon to a unique diamond structure. The resulting diamond can be kept in its Raw form or cut to a preferred shape and set in jewellery.


During the cremation process, the carbon goes through a metamorphosis. E.g. the German law stipulates a minimum temperature of 650 °C in the main combustion chamber in which the coffin is located. In the following downstream chamber, the significantly raised temperature of >850 °C prevents the emission of harmful gaseous emissions. During cremation, a large part of the carbon escapes as gaseous carbon dioxide. The proportion by weight of the carbon remaining in the main combustion chamber is generally between 0.5% and 2.5% of the dry cremation ash. We have regularly confirmed the carbon within ashes by conducting third party testing in international laboratories such as Intertek. The carbon is isolated from the ash by a wet-chemical process or pyrolysis and serves as the basis for the later diamond synthesis.

Raw Memorial Diamond Ring

Algordanza Memorial Diamonds are naturally coloured. The coloration depends on the element boron within the diamond. The more boron is bound to the carbon grid the more intense is the blue coloration. We do not affect the coloring of the diamond . The environment we use for the diamond growth prevents the incorporation of nitrogen atoms of the atmosphere into the diamond crystal lattice, which would result in a yellowish color of the memorial diamond.


How are Memorial Diamonds made?

Beautiful everlasting memorial diamonds are created in our state of the art laboratory in Domat/EMS Switzerland.  The ashes are delivered to our laboratory, where our trained technicians begin the carbon extraction process.   This process is done individually, as is the subsequent synthesis of the diamond. This ensures that there is no chance for mixups and our processes are controlled by ISO9001 protocols that ensure consistency and service quality. 

Swiss based laboratory


Once the carbon is extracted from the ashes, it is further refined into graphite and purified before being placed in a diamond growth cell to complete the transformation to diamond. The procedure is complicated and time consuming, but the results are always a treat. Once the raw diamond has been yielded, it may go to a cut and polish stage (for cut diamonds) before laser marking and certification.  Finally, the diamonds are shipped back to the sales office of your country and prepared for collection or delivery. 

Algordanza production laboratory


Diamond growth cell being prepared


Diamond growth cell opened

Algordanza is proud to have it's production process featured on news channels such as:



For Hong Kong, the process of ordering a memorial diamond is straight forward, without bureaucracy and uncertainty.  It is simple and even contactless if preferred (in the times of covid-19).  Our sales staff can pick up ashes on your behalf and deliver the memorial diamond to your address of choice.  You just simply have to:

Schedule a visit
  • Schedule a visit
  • Choose the Memorial diamond format (Raw / Cut) and shape (Round Brilliant, Princess, Asscher, Emerald, Heart...)
  • Choose the size (0.3 carat to 2 carats)
  • Pay 50% deposit (provide Hong Kong ID copy of recipient, copy of death certificate, copy of cremation certificate)
  • Collect when notified and pay the balance 50%.
17/F Supreme Commercial Building, 368 King's Road, North Point Hong Kong Office

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How authentic are Memorial Diamonds?

Algordanza is proud to have been in service for over 15 years, providing memorial diamond services to over 33 locations around the world.  Visitors from many countries such as Hong Kong, Japan and China have toured our facility and met with the founders of our organisation. In fact, our memorial diamond laboratory is the only one that is made open to our customers for visits and has been audited by a notary in 2010.

Laboratory tour of Algordanza


We provide a Swiss Made guarantee that no additional materials are added into our process, and the resulting memorial diamond is made purely from the carbon from your loved one's supplied ashes or hair. Each memorial diamond is laser marked with a unique identifying number that corresponds with its certificate.


Each memorial diamond is certified for its authenticity.


Each memorial diamond is laser marked.


All Algordanza memorial diamonds are produced, engraved, controlled in Switzerland. We always recommend our potential clients to conduct some further research into their chosen memorial diamond service providers before committing.  Ask questions such as:

  • Is the memorial diamond produced solely from the carbon from the ashes provided?
  • Do they produce the memorial diamonds in the country they claim to be from?
  • Do they have production facilities or offices in the countries they say they are based from?
  • Question your sales representative deeply about their claimed process. 
  • Ask if they have personally observed and inspected the process in their lab?
  • Check for any news channel reporting and visits.
  • Has anyone from your country visited their facilities and seen in person?

How much Ashes are required to make a Memorial Diamond?

The amount of ashes required is 500 grams. Generally for cremation ashes coming from Hong Kong, Macau or Mainland China, 500 grams ensures that there is enough carbon to make almost any number of diamond carats within the budget of most families. Such is the complexity of the memorial diamond making process, the maximum sizes our current technology can produce are up to 4 carats Raw Diamond and 2 carats Cut Diamond. 



2 carat cut diamond

In Hong Kong, there have been cases when the amount of ashes returned from the crematorium was well below 500 grams.  Sometimes, the deceased were children, or very small frame elderly and in other times, family members each took a portion of ashes to apply their burial method of choice. For these situations when the ash content is below 500 grams, we recommend the addition of hair from the applicant to "top up" the carbon needed for diamond synthesis.  Hair is an excellent source of carbon, and according to analysis by L'oreal it is comprised of up to 45% carbon. It is even possible to submit some clothing or possession of the deceased, as long as it is made from natural fibres or materials as a second source of carbon, should there not be enough ashes collected.  This can be in the form of a cotton garment or plush toy.


Plush toys with natural fibres can be used as a source of additional carbon



How long does it take to make a Memorial Diamond?

The time taken to produce a memorial diamond is partly dependent on size. The smaller memorial diamonds (0.3 ct to 0.5 ct) can take from 8 months and from 0.6 ct upwards, take up to 12 months. Ashes are split into 2 parcels to lower the risk of transportation and the second lot is sent only after the first lot arrives. The main reason for such time frames are that each memorial diamond is produced individually at each stage of the process, from carbon extraction to diamond synthesis and cut and polish. During this time, you will be kept informed on the monthly progress, as the ashes makes its journey through the transformation phase to a memorial diamond. 


Carbon - diamond - octahedron Image

carbon in a diamond lattice structure


We at Algordanza firmly believe that we are not selling a product.  Not at any point do we own the ashes and its related carbon.  What we are giving back is the original carbon but merely in another chemical structure - carbon in a diamond lattice.  We are an authentic memorial diamond service with a mission to commemorate the departed and provide a better burial solution to the world.



A better burial option

Why choose a Diamond Burial?

For most people, a diamond burial is simply the most beautiful and best solution for them.  It is a personal keepsake that will always be there and have special meaning and purpose. There is no concerns with columbarium land rights to worry about, vandalism or future maintenance fees. Algordanza is the leader in memorial diamonds and have been featured in many news articles around the world, where some clients have shared their reasons for choosing this method of burial. 

Eva Wu explains to CNN why she chose Algordanza's diamond burial

In Chinese culture, the family bond is typically very strong. Parents in Asia sacrifice everything to ensure their children have the best opportunities in life to succeed and it is common for parents and children to spend time with each other well into adulthood, and as time passes, the adult children help to look after their elderly parents. This filial affection extends to when they are gone and a memorial diamond provides an avenue to maintain the life long bond. 


For spouses, it can be especially difficult to separate when they once shared every moment together. It is not uncommon for entrepreneurial couples in Hong Kong and China to work with one another and raise children at the same time. When suddenly there is a loss of a soul mate, the emotional toll can be overwhelming. Memorial diamonds have helped many widows and widowers through the process of grief and it has been reported to provide some comfort where there is none. In the case of Freda, who worked together every day with her husband Kennedy, she was able to keep him close and travel to countries to visit his favourite golf course and see his friends after his sudden passing. She said that her memorial diamond gave her the energy to continue to go work and face the time ahead without her partner. 



Alana and Freda at Algordanza's headquarters and laboratory in Switzerland

To know whether a memorial diamond burial is the right choice for you, please follow this link.

Can I make a Memorial Diamond from my Pet's remains?

The answer emphatically is Yes!  Increasingly, pets are part of our family too and our loyal furry companions face the same issues with burial as our human counterparts.  Semper Fides is a sister branch of Algordanza with a separate lab that treats the ash or coat remains exclusively for animals. For our pet lovers living in apartments, it is always recommended to save at least 11 grams of fur or coat, especially if your breed of pet are small and weigh less than 10 kilograms.  This will ensure there is enough carbon to proceed with the memorial diamond creation.


A distinguishing feature of Semper Fides memorial diamonds are that a yellow option is available to match the coat colour of certain breeds. It must be noted that the yellow is created by allowing nitrogen in the air to bond with the carbon during the creation process.  Of course, the natural colour options of no-additional additives during the process are also available.


Pet Memorial Diamonds


How much does a Memorial Diamond cost?

The price of a memorial diamond is dependent on the size (in carats) and the format - RAW (uncut) or CUT (Round Brilliant, Asscher, Princess etc). The price is inclusive of all transportation, customs declarations and transport insurance. 


Memorial diamonds cannot be compared with synthetic diamonds neither to rubies, or other memorial medallions. The cultivation of memorial diamonds is much more complex, time and cost- consuming process. Our prices are according to the research, development, unique production, prompt administration,  dual control principle, as well as the qualified consultation for the grieving customer personally tailorcut to his/her needs.


To compare with the other costs of burial in Hong Kong, a comprehensive guide is provided here.

What can I do with a Memorial Diamond?

It is most common for Algordanza clients to set their beautiful memorial diamond in jewellery. This allows them to always be close to their loved one and makes for an ever lasting keep sake that will accompany them through the rest of their life journey. Many elegant designs are available and some have crafted their memorial diamond jewellery into truly exquisite pieces of art.  Memorial diamond jewellery is proudly designed and made in Hong Kong with the highest levels of craftsmanship.  


Memorial diamonds can sit nicely on a display shelf or even a bed side table, where some clients have even mounted their memorial diamond into the frame of a photo portrait of their loved one.  This is a modern take of the traditional photo on a wall that typically hangs over a shrine. The value a memorial diamond brings can not be understated.


Diamond mounted on photo frame

For other clients, it is perfectly fine to keep their memorial diamond in the beautiful wooden box provided by Algordanza where it is still portable and can be taken for travel to places where their loved ones wanted to go, but could not.  During times of family gathering, like Ching Ming, Easter, Christmas or even birthdays, it is common for clients to bring their memorial diamonds along to honour and remember their loved ones. 

5 Algordanza Memorial Diamonds
Algordanza memorial diamonds in wooden box


Algordanza clients have found many creative ways to celebrate their memorial diamonds.  The possibilities are unique and almost endless. Below are just some of the different jewellery pieces that clients have had made. Consult with your Algordanza service representative about making customised jewellery pieces for your memorial diamond.


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Visit the Algordanza Hong Kong sales office to learn more about the diamond burial process and see real memorial diamond samples.

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Worldwide we are the only certified producer of Memorial Diamonds. We are committed to caution and transparency.

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