How are Memorial Diamonds made?

How are Memorial Diamonds made?

by Hiak Jin Hean | September 5, 2018

5 steps to making Memorial Diamonds

  1. Analysis & Testing

  2. Extraction of Carbon

  3. Carbon to Graphite Conversion

  4. Diamond Crystallization

  5. Cutting & Polishing

We can all agree that diamonds have a certain element of mystery surrounding them. Like what makes them so beautiful? How do they sparkle so brightly? How do they form and are they made? In this article we will answer the last question and explain how diamonds form both naturally and more importantly how they are grown in a lab. This article will guide you through the carefully planned steps taken by Algordanza, to convert what seems like a mere 500g of cremated ashes to a beautiful memorial diamond that encapsulates mystery, memories and the essence of a lost loved one. 

Naturally, diamonds form under conditions of extremely high pressures and temperatures, deep under the Earth’s mantle, about 1,500 Kilometers below the surface. These diamonds are then brought to the surface through volcanic eruptions that carry out pieces of the mantle to surface. These specific growth conditions have resulted in the scarcity hence rarity of these precious stones.


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As of about 50 years ago, manufacturing of synthetic diamonds became possible. Although it requires relatively pure natural carbon that contains graphite. At Algordanza, in order to achieve this level of purity, a proprietary carbon extraction technology has been developed, which helps filter out impurities such as bone and metals, allowing for the creation of jewelry grade diamonds without the use of any additives. Additionally the entire process, from the collection of ashes to presentation of the completed diamond, is completely transparent to the public. Algordanza believes in trust through transparency, where making all operations and procedures transparent to the client, allows the client to have full confidence in the service provided, which is further emphasized through site visits of their manufacturing facility. 

As to how memorial diamonds are made, there are 5 main steps as listed above.

1) Analysis & Testing

When the ashes are received, a composition analysis will be conducted. This analyses several elements within the cremated ashes, mainly the levels of carbon, without having to physically tamper with the ashes themselves. If the carbon levels are sufficient, then they move on to the next step of extracting it.



Composition analysis process

2) Carbon Extraction

Once the ashes pass the analysis and have a sufficient level of carbon to manufacture a memorial diamond, the ashes are then put through an extraction process. Using their proprietary carbon extraction technology, using a wet chemical and physical process, the carbon within the ashes can then be extracted to a purity level of 90%. Once the carbon is extracted, it then moves onto the next step of conversion to graphite.

FiltrationThe carbon extraction process is a chemical process

3) Conversion to Graphite

The extracted carbon is put through a thermal treatment process, where the high heat rearranges the molecular structure of the carbon, changing it to form graphite. While the conversion is happening, all anorganic materials which are not needed will be combusted.

4) Diamond Crystallisation

The converted graphite will then be collected and loaded onto a growth cell. It is then put through a high temperature and pressure process that simulates how diamonds are naturally formed. Through this process, a raw diamond will be formed.

Picture3-1Diamond cell growth machines


5) Cutting & Polishing

When the raw diamond is formed, it will then have to be cut and polished to become a jewelry grade diamond. Highly skilled Swiss craftsmen will then cut the rough diamond to the customer’s selected shape and polish it to create the unmistakable sparkle and clarity of a diamond.


Different Cuts
Different cuts of diamond are available upon request. Pictured from left to right: Radiant, Asscher, Round, Hear, RAW (uncut).


These 5 steps are key to the formation of a legitimate memorial diamond, with the transparency in their processes, Algordanza is able to give their clients the assurance they need, that all their memorial diamond is made from 100% of the ashes of their loved one. Clients are not just limited to having to take their word for it. The certifications and original ashes composition reports that Algordanza provides along with the option for a site visit can shine a light upon the slightest shadow of a doubt.


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