The Authenticity of Memorial Diamonds

The Authenticity of Memorial Diamonds

by Hiak Jin Hean | August 3, 2018

Memorial diamonds are a relatively new method of burial, emerging only in the early 2000s. This unique yet incipient burial method has been surrounded by scepticism and doubt since day one. In this post, we will be discussing the viability and legitimacy of memorial diamonds.

Currently, the traditional and most common burial methods are burial and cremation. However, with the rise of technology, cremated ashes can be turned into a Memorial Diamond, that can be made into different accessories. Compared to traditional burial methods, memorial diamonds are a beautiful way to preserve the memories of a lost loved one – by turning their ashes into a memorial diamond. Apart from memorial diamonds, similar services are also available, ranging from turning ashes to crystals and glass balls, which can be turned into hanging ornaments. With so many new options available, most of the bereaved are unsure of which to service to go for or may already have some idea of what they want, but may still have certain reservations that are holding them back from making their decision.


memorial diamond
Heart Shaped Cut Algordanza Memorial Diamond


Whichever service you choose, the most important thing is to choose the “right” service, by “right” I mean the service that suits you the most, the one that “calls to your heart” and more importantly choosing the right company. The right company, is one that is reliable, handles the ashes with the utmost care and respect, and most importantly the company should provide you with the verifications / certifications of the product to prove that it is really made with the ashes of your loved one. One way to ensure the legitimacy of the service provider is to inquire on their processes and properly understand the laboratory process that the ashes go through before becoming the final product. A certain degree of research has to be conducted by the bereaved, however, it is necessary in order to ensure that the company you plan on commissioning is legitimate and reliable.


Memorial Diamond curated one by one, Swiss Laboratory


For memorial diamonds in Hong Kong, Algordanza is a reliable company that is proud to say, that we will help you through the whole process, every step of the way and give you a comprehensive understanding of what happens to the ashes of your loved one. We provide full transparency of our processes and will be happy to clarify any doubts or inquiries you have. You can even visit our production facilities at any time and even view the carbon extraction of your order if you wish. After the diamond has been produced, for Hong Kong and China clients, the memorial diamond can even be sent to recognized labs such as GEMLAB or I.G.I for diamond certification upon request of the client.



Laboratory based in Domat/EMS, Switzerland


There have been many doubts and reservations surrounding the legitimacy of memorial diamond. However, creating diamonds from human ashes are possible and at Algordanza, an original ashes composition report will be prepared for you. The report guarantees that the diamond was formed solely from the contents of the ashes of your loved one. The legitimacy of the memorial diamonds, boils down to the reliability of the service provider, rather than the possibility of turning ashes into diamonds, as some may suggest.


Many people consider death as a subject of taboo and feel that the rituals and proceedings should be done according to traditions. In this ever progressing world, technology has touched and improved every aspect of our lives. Similarly, when it comes to burial methods, technology has opened many doors for us, one of which being a diamond burial. As ‘new age’ as a diamond burial may sound, it is still very inline much with the traditions and beliefs of the Chinese people. The traditional Chinese belief of having the deceased buried close to their native place of residence, is respected, where by a memorial diamond once received can be brought anywhere in the world the bereaved may want.


Many client also go for two different burial methods. As Algordanza only requires 500g of ashes after cremation, clients can commission a memorial diamond and lay the remaining ashes to rest at a columbarium. This allows friends and family to pay respects at the columbarium, while carrying out the belief of laying the ashes to rest in a good location, for better Feng Shui, blessing the decedents of the deceased.


At the end of the day, memorial diamonds are growing in popularity and is becoming a luxurious and elegant way to remember your loved ones by. Whether you are just getting a memorial diamond, or getting an accessory, such as a necklace or ring. This form of burial has become more and more viable over the years. If you are looking into a method of burial that’s elegant and everlasting, memorial diamonds are something you should consider.


To learn more about memorial diamonds, please review our definitive guide to memorial diamonds.




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