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Ashes Diamond Price List

The prices for our products are listed in the table below. Jewelry is not included.

Our ashes diamonds vary in cost, size and style. From 0.20 carats to 2.00 carats, you can choose the perfect stone to suit your needs and budget. We offer both cut and raw diamonds, depending on your preference. Create a beautiful, everlasting memento of a lost loved one with Algordanza today.


  • For the difference between the memorial diamond and the Stailas memorial diamond, please refer to the page dedicated to「 Stailas 」.

  • To learn the difference between the cut and uncut diamond please refer to the memorial diamond guide.


Check out how much turning ashes to diamonds will cost below: 


Price List
Size Weight Range Cut Diamond Raw Diamond
0.20 Ct 0.16ct - 0.25ct $34,990  
0.25 Ct 0.21ct - 0.25ct $39,990 $26,990
0.30 Ct 0.26ct - 0.35ct $47,990 $32,990
0.40 Ct 0.36ct - 0.45ct $60,990 $48,990
0.50 Ct 0.46ct - 0.55ct $76,990 $63,990
0.60 Ct 0.56ct - 0.65ct $97,990 $79,990
0.70 Ct 0.66ct - 0.75ct $115,990 $93,990
0.80 Ct 0.76ct - 0.85ct $136,990 $108,990
0.90 Ct 0.86ct - 0.95ct $153,990 $122,990
1.00 Ct 0.96ct - 1.05ct $170,990 $136,990
1.10 Ct 1.06ct - 1.14ct $210,990 $153,990
1.20 Ct 1.16ct - 1.24ct $230,990 $172,990
1.30 Ct 1.26ct - 1.34ct $260,990 $183,990


Prices ALL inclusive of freight, delivery and
ashes collection for local Hong Kong residents.


Ashes to diamond payment methods

A 50 percent deposit is required at the beginning of your order. The balance payment will be due when your memorial stone is ready to collect. Algordanza Hong Kong and China accept payments by: Cheque, TT Transfer or PayPal* (transaction costs apply).

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Jewelry costs

You can have your memorial diamond set in a ring or pendant of your choice. We have a stunning range of custom designs that vary from cross pendants to wedding rings. Jewelry mounting and setting services are charged separately at Algordaza Hong Kong. Please visit our page on jewelry for more information.

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Laser Inscription

Customers have the option to inscribe words on the girdle of their diamond. We allow for up to 25-40 alpha numeric characters per piece - depending on cut and shape of the diamond. For more information on laser engraving, please click the button below. Additional Cost $2990 HKD.

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Contact Algordaza

If you would like to make an enquiry or find out more, please feel free to give our friendly and compassionate team a call today on 2895 2254. You can also email us on scott.fong@algordanza.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible.