Memorial Diamonds for Pets
by Semper Fides

Pets are loyal, unconditionally loving family members whose comfort and unfaltering companionship cannot properly be expressed in words. Saying goodbye to them may be one of the toughest experiences in our lives. Semper Fides (which means “eternal promise” in Latin) offers an elegant way to stay connected with the memories you’ve made together.

Memorialise your faithful companion in a brilliant memorial diamond made purely from their ashes — a symbol of eternal love that will shine forever as a reminder of the special bond you shared.

4 Properties for a Unique Diamond

Semper Fides memorial diamonds have a shine and hardness just like a natural diamond, and are made the reflect your pet’s personality. The diamonds are produced by using 500g from solely the cremation ashes of a pet. In some cases when ashes don’t meet the required amount, we can extract additional carbon from the fur coat, or even combine it with the personal hair from the owner.

Semper Fides diamonds can be used to create a variety of pet memorial jewellery, so you can take your precious memories with you.


Your pet’s ashes will produce its own unique coloured diamond thanks to variations in its chemical signature. Naturally coloured diamonds will appear bluish white, with the amount of blue determined by the boron in the ashes. On request, we can introduce hues of yellow, green, red or blue to replicate the colour of your pet’s coat.



Worldwide we are the only certified producer of Memorial Diamonds. We are committed to caution and transparency.

Brilliant Cut
Emerald Cut
Princess Cut

Carat (Size)

The best size for your memorial diamond will depend on how you wish to display or wear it. Our staff members would be happy to assist you in this process.

0.25 ct 4.1mm
0.3 ct 4.4mm
0.4ct 4.8mm
0.5 ct 5.2mm
0.6 ct 5.8mm
0.7 ct 6.1mm
0.8 ct 6.1mm
0.9 ct 6.4mm
1.0 ct 6.5mm

Clarity (Transparency)

Clarity refers to how flawless a diamond is. Each Semper-fides diamond is unique to your pet and at times, inclusions derived from your pet's remains may be seen in the diamonds.

The Diamond Process

Our Prices

Size Weight Range Cut - Yellow Diamond Cut Diamond Raw Diamond
0.25 Ct 0.21ct - 0.25ct $29,990 $39,990 $31,990
0.30 Ct 0.26ct - 0.35ct $32,990 $46,990 $37,990
0.40 Ct 0.36ct - 0.45ct $42,990 $60,990 $48,990
0.50 Ct 0.46ct - 0.55ct $53,990 $76,990 $63,990
0.60 Ct 0.56ct - 0.65ct $65,990 $97,990 $81,990
0.70 Ct 0.66ct - 0.75ct $79,990 $115,990 $93,990
0.80 Ct 0.76ct - 0.85ct $90,990 $136,990 Upon Request
0.90 Ct 0.86ct - 0.95ct $101,990 $153,990 Upon Request
1.00 Ct 0.96ct - 1.05ct $115,990 $170,990 $108,990
1.50 Ct 1.46ct - 1.55ct Upon Request Upon Request $197,990
2.00 Ct 1.96ct - 2.05ct Upon Request $330,990 $285,990

Prices ALL inclusive of freight, delivery and ashes collection for local Hong Kong residents.

Payment Terms & Options

A 50 percent deposit is required at the beginning of your order. The remaining balance will be due with your memorial diamond is ready to collect.

Algordanza Hong Kong and China accept payments by PayPal*, cheque or telegraphic transfer.
*transaction costs apply

Diamond Certificate

If you need to guarantee the quality of your diamond, we can commission a 3rd party laboratory verify its authenticity and present you with a certificate.


Laser Inscription


Customers can choose to inscribe words on the girdle of their diamond. We allow for up to 25-40 alphanumeric characters per piece - depending on the cut and shape of the diamond.


Jewellery Setting


We can have your memorial diamond set in a ring or pendant of your choice. We offer a selection of styles in our collection and can provide bespoke services for customised pieces.