What is a Memorial Diamond ?

What is a Memorial Diamond ?

by Hiak Jin Hean | January 19, 2019

You might have come across the term ash diamonds, burial diamonds or even what's more commonly known as memorial diamonds, and might be scratching your head and wondering, “what exactly is a memorial diamond?”


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Memorial diamonds are a branch of “synthetic diamonds”, “cultured diamonds” or even “laboratory-grown diamonds”. However the key difference with these man made diamonds are that Algordanza Memorial Diamonds are formed using only the carbon extracted from the cremated ashes of a lost loved one, as at its core, we are all carbon-based life forms. The extracted carbon is then put through an extensive and complicated process involving purification and HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) machines that will aid the simple graphite to make its transformation into the beautiful memorial diamond given to the end customer. ( Click here to read more ) A very common inquiry that people have is, “Are Memorial Diamonds Real Diamonds?”. The simple answer is yes. Memorial diamonds have the same chemical composition along with the same visual and physical properties as a natural diamond.


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Putting the Memorial in Memorial Diamond

Any Laboratory with the right tools and equipment has the ability to turn carbon into diamonds. However, not any lab can make memorial diamonds. A memorial diamond is a beautiful way to immortalise and remember a lost loved one. What differentiates a memorial diamond from any other diamond is as simple as its name. The ‘Memorial’ aspect of memorial diamonds is the most important. A diamond broken down is nothing but a shiny rock with its carbon atoms arranged in a specific structure forming a diamond lattice. A memorial diamond on the other hand, is much more than that. The worth of a memorial diamond is decided based on intangible factors that differ between people. Physically, memorial diamonds may be made up of well-arranged carbon atoms just like any other diamond. While that may be true, memorial diamonds are also made up of the priceless memories associated with the lost loved one.


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Over one’s lifetime, the time spent with someone you love is sadly limited. It may be the unavoidable truth, but this fact is well understood and accepted, resulting in us humans appreciating the limited time we have with each other and then forming beautiful ever lasting memories that stick with us forever. Even when a loved one may have left us, we may have lost them physically, but we often find ourselves reminiscing in our best memories of times spent with them. Everyone’s time is limited on this earth and our days are numbered. But those days are when we forge eternal bonds and lasting memories with the ones we love.


Nothing can replace a loved one once they are lost, I’m sure we can all attest to that. With that said, there are many beautiful ways to commemorate their life even after they have left us. One of which is through a memorial diamond. Over time, our memory may fail us, but diamonds withstand the test of time. As the saying goes, “Diamonds are Forever”. In my humble opinion, diamonds last forever but so should our memories. Our best memories with a lost loved one are priceless, and to us worth much more than any diamond. By combining both the invaluable nature of our memories with the beauty and everlasting nature of a diamond, we are able to get as close as possible to immortalising our memories of a loved one in the beautiful yet lasting form of a diamond. Simultaneously, providing a respectful and beautiful burial for our dearly departed, providing them the peace they deserve.


To learn more about memorial diamonds, please review our definitive guide to memorial diamonds.


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